The Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra celebrate the legacy of one of Greece’s greatest composers, performing material from his over 70-year career.

Mikis Theodorakis’ style is utterly recognisable, traversing the lines between traditional Greek styles, classical composition and pop music – all labels too restrictive to encapsulate his sound. Utilising Greek poetry and folk instruments such as the bouzouki in his compositions, he left a strong and lasting mark on 20th century culture.

Across the globe, Theodorakis enlivened and inspired millions of fans with both his music and his political activism – with his firm stances earning him stints in prison and exile. Particularly known for his Zorba the Greek film score, his is a back catalogue of chamber music, operas, symphonies and almost 1,000 songs. The Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra was founded in May 1997, by musicians and friends who had played with him.


Dimitris Mpasis vocals

Vasilas Athanasios bouzouki

Matsoukas Ioannis bouzouki

Skomopoulos Nikolaos drums

Grivas Eleftherios accordion

Τheodoros Kouelis e-bass

Samaras Artemios viola

Andreadis Dimitrios piano

Gkiolias Nikolaos guitar

Theodorakis Stephanos percussion

Symvoulidis Xenofon woodwind